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Free Cryptocurrency

Yep, you read that right, free cryptocurrency! Shortly after having completed your registration process, we will send you a voucher for free cryptocurrency of your choice. This will be a voucher for a small amount (approx. 50 cents CAD), so that you can familiarize yourself with the buying process on BuyXBT.ca. We do this with the hopes that you familiarize yourself with the cryptocurrency world. With this this small amount you can get a "feel" for how Bitcoin, Ether, etc works.

How it Works

You'll receive a voucher code by email - upon request - sent to the one that is provided to us on the registration page. You'll receive this code within 24-48 hours after verification of your account. To register for your BuyXBT.ca Account please visit the following link and fill out your details: BuyXBT.ca Registration.

Using the Code

Once you have completed the buying process, and have added your cryptocurrency of choice to your cart, simply add the code that we supply you in the "Enter voucher code" field, then click on "Apply Voucher" for the voucher to be credited to your order total.

Important Details

Please note that we can only send one voucher per registered client upon approval. If we believe that someone or some person's are trying to abuse the system, we will not send the voucher code. Furthermore, if we feel that you are trying to abuse the system your account will be deleted. Let's play fair so all can enjoy!

If you haven't received your Voucher Code within the 48 hour time-frame please contact us here: BuyXBT.ca Contact Us. Please keep in mind that the 24-48 hour time-frame is based on business hours.

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