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Identity Verification

After having registered your account, your identity needs to be confirmed prior to your account being activated. This process helps us to deter any fraudulent activity on our site and to comply with government regulations. The identity verification process is done manually by one of our administrators.


We require two pieces of identification, a selfie of you holding these IDs, and proof of address.

Valid Identification - We require that images or scans of the IDs be clearly visible and legible. We also require two (2) of these. Note that at least one of the IDs needs to include a photo of you. Valid identification include:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Provincial Identification card
  • Student ID

Proof of Address - This needs to also be clear and legible. We only require one (1) but may ask for others if required. Valid proof of address include:

  • Electric Bill Statement (or other Utility Bill)
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Phone Bill (Cell phone included)
  • Bank Statement
  • Internet or Cable Statement
  • or other (that clearly states your address)

Selfie - This is a picture of you holding both the IDs that you supply to us and, again, needs to be clearly visible along with your face.

Submitting Your Information

Submitting the required identification and proof of address can be done two ways: while you are registering or by email.

During Registration - You can use the "Upload" button to submit files. This can be done one at a time until we have the three images minimum that are required.

Email - You can also email these documents to support@buyxbt.ca.

Important: For your security we will not keep your information on our server; it will be downloaded and stored on an encrypted offline storage device and purged from the server.

Approval Turnaround

Please allow up to 6 business hours for your account to be approved. Upon approval you will receive an email to confirm.

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