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Payment Methods

Cash DepositCash in the MailInterac eTransfer

We offer a variety of payment methods for when you're buying cryptocurrency from us. By offering many different payment options, it makes it easier for customers to remit payment for their purchase. Please keep in mind that their are delays and limitations to some form of payment methods. For this reason, we have compiled a list of all the payment methods that BuyXBT.ca offers to our clients, with a brief description.

Cash Deposit

With Cash Deposit, you simply walk up to the teller at the receiving bank, with the exact order amount in cash (Canadian Dollars ONLY), and ask the cashier to make a deposit into the provided transit and account number. You do not need to have an account at the bank; the deposit will be made directly into one of our accounts. The account details and instructions on how to complete your cash deposit will be emailed to you, once you have completed the checkout process.

The details you will receive in the email are as follows:

Name on Account: We will provide you with the name on the account. You can confirm with the bank teller that the funds are being deposited into the right account with this.

N.B. The name on the account may be either our company name, or the name of one of the owners of BuyXBT.ca.

Account Transit: This will be the 5 digit number that indicates which branch our account is held at (for the selected financial institution).

Account Number: This will normally be a 7 digit account number which is where we can see your deposit at that bank (this is our account or one we control).

You should either note the above information to give to the teller (to be sure there is no error). Alternatively you could also print the email we send you and show that page to the cashier. If you don't have a printer but do have your smartphone, you could also show the teller the email by opening the email in the email app on your device.

Very Important: Bring only Canadian cash in the exact amount of the order; if a foreign currency is deposited we will cancel the order and you may risk bank fees, or other losses, such as currency exchange commissions charged by the banks.

Also, we do require that the cash deposit be completed within 1 hour after placing your order (to reserve your rate). For this reason it is best to ensure that your chosen bank is open and that you complete your order only if you are able to make it to the bank within this time-frame.

Deposit example, your order total is: $100.50, you could bring 5x  $20 dollar bills, and 2x quarters or, 2x $50 and 5x 10 cents (dimes), etc.

  • Do Not deposit checks, money orders, etc.
  • Do Not transfer funds from an account you may hold at the same bank.
  • It is recommended that the deposit be done as a unique and separate transaction from any other you may need to conduct.
  • Always keep your deposit receipt; we will ask for an image of it as proof of payment.
  • After completing your cash deposit, please send an image to support@buyxbt.ca with the following details: Your Order ID Number, and "NO REFUNDS".

List of Banks for Payment and/or Payout via Cash Deposit: (All links open in new tab.)

Cash in the Mail

Customers who are buying cryptocurrency from BuyXBT.ca can opt to send Cash in the Mail for their order amount to one of our secure addresses. Addresses will be rotated randomly to heighten security. You will receive instructions, along with the address to mail your cash package to once you have completed the checkout process. Please include in the package a note with your name, email, and order number, so that we know who to credit the amount to.

Note: Send your package ONLY to the address in the email and NOT to our headquarters.

Sending cash through mail/courier may seem risky however, if done properly, there is minimal risk of loss or theft. Bear in mind that there is a cost that is incurred by your shipping method of choice. We HIGHLY recommend that you choose a mailing option that provides a tracking number. This minimizes risk of loss.

You can choose to send your cash via any carrier you choose (i.e. UPS, Canpar, FedEx, etc.) but we would recommend Canada Post Expedited Parcel with Tracking. They are quite good at what they do; we have had little to no issues when using them ourselves.

Very Important: When choosing Cash in the Mail as a Payment Method, you understand and accept that you are responsible for the funds. BuyXBT.ca will not be held responsible for any lost packages, or monetary losses that may arise from delays with delivery (out of our control).

Also, since it is more than likely that we will receive the funds within a few days, as opposed to a few hours, we cannot guarantee the rate. When we receive your cash we will convert the amount into a voucher which you will receive by email. You can then return to our site and redeem your voucher code for your cryptocurrency.

Interac eTransfer

Interac eTransfer is a quick and easy way to send money to anyone in Canada. It costs very little to nothing to send and nothing to receive - verify with your financial institution for more details. Transactions can be completed in as little as a few minutes and is secure, since it uses the financial institutions online or mobile banking applications. Interac eTransfer is offered at over 250 participating financial institutions. To find out more directly from Interac, click on the "Interac eTransfer" link at the very beginning of this paragraph.

Note: We do require that you send your payment via Interac eTransfer within 1 hour to keep the rate of the cryptocurrency that your purchased.


Depending on your bank or financial institution, there may be fees for sending an Interac eTransfer. Please note that when you send us payment via this payment method, you are responsible for this fee. This fee generally ranges from $0.00-$2.00 (approx). As a side note, most banks do offer plans that include sending Interac eTransfers for free.

Verify with your financial institution to know more about their policies and fees (if any) for sending an Interac eTransfer.


While Interac eTransfer is a great way to send and receive money in Canada, there exist limits (that are set by the financial institution themselves not Interac) of how much you can send or receive within a certain amount of time.

For Canada's Five Big Banks we have compiled a list of links to each Bank's Interac eTransfer limits (click on the bank name to be brought to their pages):

Blocked List

After a couple of years of working as a customer service representative for a financial institution, there does exist an internal block list. This is in no way a "conspiracy" of the banks, or Acxsys Corporation (Interac). This list is there to help prevent fraud, which protects everybody. Sometimes though, there are mistakes that are made and you may end up on their blocked list accidentally. By simply contacting your financial institution, you'll be able to know if you are indeed blocked in any way with Interac. If so, they will guide you on how you could possibly be removed from the blocked list.

Important: Please be sure that you are not on this block list before placing any buy/sell order on BuyXBT.ca. Any unforeseen delays may result in monetary loss. Also, the name displayed in the incoming Interac eTransfer must match the one from your account on BuyXBT.ca. For security reasons, we cannot accept transfers from third parties, under any circumstances. If you are sending the Interac eTransfer payment on behalf of a company, please ensure that the Company Name field is filled out, with the corresponding company name.

If you require help on how to send an Interac eTransfer please refer to your financial institution.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us by clicking here Contact BuyXBT.ca Support.