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We take security very seriously at BuyXBT.ca. This is why we have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that your personal information is secure. While we do not store any money or cryptocurrency on our website, we opted for the highest level of security at our disposal. This ensures that your personal information is as secure as it can be. Below you will find a list of the security measures we have put into place, along with a description of each.

GoDaddy Premium EV SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are cryptographic protocols that secure your connection over a computer network. The data that you send to a website using SSL is encrypted and safe.

While many websites use standard SSL to encrypt the data (i.e. your personal details) sent to their server, we wanted to take it one step further. We did this by opting for an EV SSL Certificate so that our customers and visitors feel even safer dealing with us.

Difference Between Standard SSL and EV SSL

While a standard SSL does protect your information with encryption, an Extended Validation SSL certificate take it one step further by having the certificate issuer (in our case GoDaddy) verify that the company's credentials are valid and true; ensuring that a company is who they claim to be.

This is done by having the certificate issuer run a stringent, standardized vetting process which can take up to 30 days to confirm. It also confirms that we are not a phishing site.

Spotting the Difference

A standard SSL can be identified by the website address (URL) with a lock image in the address bar. You'll also notice that there is a padlock icon signifying the site is secure. And, you'll notice that the URL will start with HTTPS as opposed to the unsecured HTTP. This however does not mean that the site you are visiting isn't a phishing site.

An EV SSL Certificate will have the green padlock as well but will also show our parent company's name and country of origin in parenthesizes. Like so: . Also, on most browsers, your address bar will be completely green; this is reserved only for the highest level of security. By clicking on this in your address bar, you will be shown all the details pertaining to our certificate.

Alternatively, you can also click on the link "Extended Validation SSL Certificate" in our Security section found in our footer at the bottom right of any of our pages.

If you would like to learn more about GoDaddy's Premium EV Certificate, you can also visit their website directly by clicking here: GoDaddy EV SSL Certificate.


McAfee SECURE gives our site an added layer of security by continuously testing and verifying our website for malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other things that can harm you and your computer.

Verifying Our Site

You'll notice at bottom right-hand corner of every one of our pages an icon that looks like: . Buy clicking on this shield a popup will appear which will confirm that our site is certified secure. For more details on this you can also click on the "View Full Details" link, at the bottom of the popup, to be taken to McAfee's site.


SiteLock automatically scans our website for potential security-related issues, such as, malware, redirect hacks, backdoor file hacks, Trojan viruses and much more. After each scan by SiteLock will either fix any issues automatically or will notify us of potential issues for us to fix it.

To find out more about SiteLock you can visit their site here: SiteLock Homepage.

Personal Identification

We may require that you upload identification to confirm who you are, for compliance purposes. Or, we may ask for confirmation of payment to be uploaded to confirm payment of purchased cryptocurrency.

For your security, all uploaded images/pictures will be verified by our operators, downloaded to an encrypted, secure hard-drive and then deleted from our website permanently. The reason we do store this information is for compliance purposes.


With all these security measures in place you can rest assured that any personal details you submit to us are as secure as we can make it. Security is our number one priority.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our security measures, please feel free to contact us here: BuyXBT.ca Contact Us.