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About Us

BuyXBT.ca was formed with the belief that person-to-person remittance should not have to involve any third-party (i.e. Financial Institutions) who will charge both parties for conducting their transaction. Cryptocurrency offers an alternative solution to this third party involvement. With cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can send money to anyone in the world directly within a couple of minutes. We offer a cryptocurrency exchange service where people can buy or sell their cryptocurrency.

While offering a very simple and quick way to send and receive money from virtually anyone on the planet, cryptocurrency isn't perfect. But, keep in mind, it is also very new to the Finance world as well. While banks have had well over 100 years to grow, cryptocurrency is less than 10 years old (at the time of writing). BuyXBT strongly believes that this new type of currency will pave the way to an easy and seamless solution to the current remittance issues we face today.

Customer Service

The founders of BuyXBT.ca have a total combined experience of over 20 years in the customer service field; we intend to put that to good use. We have created a very detailed guide on how to use our website and about the cryptocurrency world. To visit our guide page you can click here: BuyXBT.ca Guide: Introduction.

Our website was designed like any other web store, the only difference is that we deal with cryptocurrency instead of tangible products. The reason we did this is that most people are already familiar with shopping online and, we wanted to make our customers' shopping experience as familiar and easy as possible.

Payment Methods

We wanted to make the Buying Cryptocurrency process as quick, easy, convenient, and secure as possible. This is why we have integrated quite a number of Payment Methods to accommodate our customer's needs. We are always expanding our payment options so, more to come in the future. We currently offer: Interac eTransfer, Cash Deposit, and Cash in the Mail.

Payout Methods

We also wanted to make the Selling process as quick, easy, convenient, and secure as possible. For this reason we have also included the same Payout Methods as with Payment Methods, but also add PayPal, and Direct Bank Transfer (at participating institutions). We are always on the lookout for other payment methods, so more will be added in the near future, stay tuned.


We take our website security very seriously; for both our customers and ourselves. We have taken every precaution that exists for a website to keep your information secure; we've invested a lot of time, effort, and money in doing this; but it is, of course, worth it.

EV SSL Certificate

We employ GoDaddy's Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate which protects all data on the site with industry standard encryption. It also gives our customers the satisfaction of knowing that they are in fact dealing with a legitimate company with BuyXBT.ca; to obtain an EV Certificate, a company must be vetted by the issuer of the certificate, in our case, GoDaddy.


McAfee SECURE gives visitors to our website the confidence that their personal information is secure. Their software constantly scans our website for Malware and Malicious Links and also if we aren't simply phishing your personal details. You can view our status by visiting the following link: McAfee SECURE: BuyXBT.ca.

You can learn what security measures that we employ, and learn how to verify that our certificates are valid, by visiting our security page here: BuyXBT.ca Security (opens in new tab). 

Contact Us

If ever you need help, have questions or concerns, you can always contact us here: Contact BuyXBT Support. We are always eager to help and will respond in the briefest of delays.